Feasibility & Design

Whether creating a new yachting destination, or redeveloping an existing waterfront or harbour, we offer services that enable clients to make informed business decisions on the viability, risks and rewards of any given marina venture. The first question we seek to answer being: Is it feasible?

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Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies typically involve the review of physical parameters of the site, development constraints, and local demographics, as well as a market analysis to understand the development challenges and to provide projections of consumer demand.

Conceptual Design

Based on our market studies, environmental considerations and survey reports, we provide recommendations for the overall marina layout, with a view to optimising the use of water space with a berth mix (vessel sizes and numbers) in accord with anticipated demand in the given region.

Financial Modelling

By using our extensive sector knowledge and experience, coupled with planning models, we are able to derive costs and revenues for the operational marina. Capital and operational expenditures are calculated, and tariffs and berth mix are flexed with occupancy projections to give a realistic prognosis of P&L and the ROI.

Detailed Design

Taking a project from its initial concept to signed-off construction drawings is an iterative process with the client and its professional team, to which our technical team will explore and review all required elements. The output from this process is a complete set of drawings and specifications that contractors will need to construct the marina and its associated infrastructure.

A further part of this process ensures optimal management of the marina equipment procurement strategy. The team at Marina Solutions International have been responsible for the design of marina berths worldwide, many of which we subsequently supported through their construction and commissioning phases.