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Marina development involves considerable upfront capital. Whether part of a wider resort development, the focus of an urban waterfront project or as a standalone commercial venture, a new marina is a major commitment for any prospective investor.

Marina Solutions International provides local support for all its clients’ interests in the development of premium marinas and related real estate, in the ever growing yachting and waterfront development market.

Choosing Marina Solutions International as your specialist consultant and advisor, means you engage a company that offers development appraisal and market assessment to inform the potential demand profile for any marina scheme.


The making of a successful marina is dependent upon several essential factors. 

First and foremost, the site location needs to be right. The basics of market appeal, safe access, good berthing, with calm and clean water are all a must. Unless the site is blessed with natural protection, breakwaters, dredging and elements of main infrastructures will require significant capital investment, and these necessities cannot be deferred through project phasing.


Equally, landside facilities and services need to be complementary to the marina berthing provision, in both scale and amenities. The landside offering – whether retail, F&B, hotel, resort or residential – is expected to generate a return in its own right, both from yachting clients and from the wider community. Getting the correct mix and scale is essential to optimise the commercial performance of any wider marina development.


Feasibility & Design

Whether creating a new yachting destination, or redeveloping an existing waterfront or harbour, we offer services that enable clients to make informed business decisions on the viability, risks and rewards of any given marina venture. The first question we seek to answer being: Is it feasible?

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Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies typically involve the review of physical parameters of the site, development constraints, and local demographics, as well as a market analysis to understand the development challenges and to provide projections of consumer demand.

Conceptual Design

Based on our market studies, environmental considerations and survey reports, we provide recommendations for the overall marina layout, with a view to optimising the use of water space with a berth mix (vessel sizes and numbers) in accord with anticipated demand in the given region.

Financial Modelling

By using our extensive sector knowledge and experience, coupled with planning models, we are able to derive costs and revenues for the operational marina. Capital and operational expenditures are calculated, and tariffs and berth mix are flexed with occupancy projections to give a realistic prognosis of P&L and the ROI.

Detailed Design

Taking a project from its initial concept to signed-off construction drawings is an iterative process with the client and its professional team, to which our technical team will explore and review all required elements. The output from this process is a complete set of drawings and specifications that contractors will need to construct the marina and its associated infrastructure.

A further part of this process ensures optimal management of the marina equipment procurement strategy. The team at Marina Solutions International have been responsible for the design of marina berths worldwide, many of which we subsequently supported through their construction and commissioning phases.


Support &

Our team comprises highly experienced senior executives and consultants, each having wide ranging and proven experience in project managing the build-out and commissioning of marinas worldwide including: UK, Europe, Africa, Brazil, USA, Caribbean, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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Project Management

The quality of the project planning and management is often reflected in the quality of the finished marina, and is always a factor in the final capital cost. Marina Solutions International’s project managers have the experience and skill sets to safeguard clients’ interests by delivering world-class marina facilities.


Contractor Selection

We have considerable experience in setting project procurement strategy and administering the tendering and selection process to appoint contractors and suppliers, but we are equally comfortable working alongside a client’s nominated contractors.



Upon completion of the Works, our commissioning programme involves the assessment, testing and evaluation of all facilities and systems prior to commencing operation. At this point the facility is handed over to the operational team to run the completed marina – either the client’s own appointed team or that of a marina management operator.

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Marina Operations

Understanding exactly how marinas operate in varying locations across the globe, is of paramount importance. At MSI, marina operations represent the mainstay of our understanding and experience, with each team member having previously operated numerous marinas all over the world. Therefore, we are ideally placed to impart our knowledge and insights directly to our clients, whatever their management requirements.

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CGI of Marina da Glória - Venue for the sailing events for the Rio 2016 Olympic & Paralympic Games

CGI of Marina da Glória - Venue for the sailing events for the Rio 2016 Olympic & Paralympic Games

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Operational Facilities Audits

Operational marinas can benefit from an audit and business performance review to identify potential improvements in their fabric, occupancy, profitability or asset value. Working with the client’s own management team or the third-party operator, we provide impartial advice on how to best optimise your marina operation.

Our audit & review process would typically cover: The condition and upkeep of the assets; staffing levels; finance; administrative and IT practices; health and safety and security measures; sales and marketing programmes; and third-party contracts.

Oversight Marina Management

An Oversight Management programme provides marina developers with an independent perspective and an evaluation of a marina that ensures investors’ interests are protected. MSI would oversee the operational start-up on a retained basis for a period agreed with the developer.

Developers that have not previously operated a marina often opt for a low-risk strategy to operate and grow the business in the early years, so it makes sense to take advice and seek guidance from the people who have done it for many years and many times before.

The operation of a marina requires in-depth knowledge of facilities management; vessels and their requirements and customer service in respect to what yacht owners, their guests, captain and crews’ prerequisites are. Strong promotional and marketing expertise are needed, to ensure the desired target audiences are reached with the right messaging and approach to service.

Human Resources

The marina’s General Manager is a key appointment for any new or existing facility. We have first rate contacts to assist the client in finding a candidate who has universally high service standards, demonstrates excellence in customer service and also displays best industry practice – Ultimately the best person for the job.

Marina Management Software (MMS)

A robust IT infrastructure, incorporating both MMS and accounting software is a must. Working with established IT partners, we can introduce the client to reputable operating systems with a proven track record. Our IT partners can also advise on the best way to integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and accounting solutions. With the need for multi-lingual reporting and database functionality, the correct selection of MMS and CRM is critical to optimising business performance, and managing interactions with current and future customers whatever the location, across the globe.

Operational Management Selection and Adjudication

The team at Marina Solutions International includes senior management and consultants with extensive experience of operating marinas worldwide. We are suitably qualified to best advise and adjudicate on behalf of the client, to nominate a suitable marina operator for a newly completed or an existing facility.

Unrivalled experience

Marina Solutions International offers unrivalled professional consultancy services that can be called upon at any stage of a marina’s life. Our team consists of senior associates and consultants, combining the skills and experience of the best minds in the business to provide the marina developer/operator with unbiased, independent and qualified advice.